Dr. M.Tevfik Dorak

Genetic Basis of Life

DNA, genes, chromosomes, transcription, translation

Genetic Variation

Sources of variation, analysis of variation, linkage and association

Genetics and Evolution

Mendelian genetics (principles of heredity), and neo-Darwinian evolution

Medical Genetics

Genetic basis of disease (autosomal/sex-linked; recessive/dominant; maternal inheritance), conventional genetic diagnosis (cytogenetics, karyotyping, amniocentesis, chorionic villous sampling), penetrance, pleiotropy, polygenic traits, genetic-environment interactions (ecogenetics), genetic counselling

Molecular Genetics

Methods (RFLP, PCR, fingerprinting, sequencing), human genome mapping, forensic genetics

Genetic Engineering

Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology (production of vaccines, hormones and other proteins), GM foods, transgenic animals, knock-out animals, site-directed mutagenesis, cloning, making organs

Cancer Genetics

Tumour suppressor genes, proto-oncogenes, specific cancer susceptibility genes (BRCA, AT, WT, RB1 etc), genetic susceptibility to chemical carcinogens (pharmacogenetics; genetics of biotransformation)


Transplantation genetics, immunogenetic basis of (autoimmune, infectious, malignant) diseases, genetic basis of ageing and longevity

Human Origins

Evolution of Homo sapiens, molecular clock, multiregional theory, genetic basis of the tree of life (molecular phylogenetics)

Population Genetics

Allele/gene frequencies, homozygosity rates, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, positive and negative selection, genetic drift, genetic distance

Genetics of Reproduction

Mitosis/meiosis (sexual reproduction), genetic compatibility systems and avoidance of inbreeding, the paradox of the fetal allograft

Bioethics and Genetics

Eugenics, genetic screening, animal studies, consent, insurance, morality.

Course Notes for Essentials of Genetics

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