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Landmarks in the History of Genetics

Basic Genetic Terms and Rules    Glossary

Chromosomes and Genes    Gene Expression    Mitochondrial DNA

Clinical Genetics    Cancer Genetics    Transplantation Genetics

Viral and Bacterial Genetics    Plant Genetics

Biotechnology    Genetic Engineering & Cloning

Real-Time PCR

Basic Population Genetics    Genetic Epidemiology    Evolution


Possible Misunderstandings in Genetics



Internet Links

Genetics Virtual Library     Biomedical Life Long Learning (Online Genetics Courses)

BBC Education: Gene    BBC GCSE Biology    BBC-OU Learning Zone    Nature.CA: The GEEE! In Genome

Genetics Education:  ROCHE    GLAXO    WELLCOME TRUST   Centre for Genetics Education (Australia) (Fact Sheets)

Dictionary of Genetic Terms    NHGRI Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms    Genetics Image Library    Genetic Animations

Medline    CDC Genomics Update

Notes on Evolutionary Biology    Ecology & Evolution Course

Intermediate Genetics     Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics

Primer on Molecular Genetics     Biology Hypertextbook

Genetic Science Learning Center    Human Genome Project    Gene Tests    Genes & Disease

The Biology Project: Mendelian Genetics     Genetics and Ethics

 Science: Genetics Collection    Nature: Genome Gateway   New Scientist Special Reports: Genetics

Biotech Graphics Gallery     DNA Animation Laboratory     DNA from the Beginning     Genetics Education Center

DNA Learning CenterDNA Interactive - ManipulationGenome - Applications

Human Genetics for the Social Sciences Interactive Learning Exercises

Genetics Databases     Genomics & Proteomics Links

Genetics in WikiPedia  & Genetics in WikiBooks

Online Books:

Introduction to Genetic Analysis   Modern Genetic Analysis   Mouse Genetics   Origins of Inbred Mice

Human Genome Epidemiology

Biology 7/e (Raven et al): Online Learning Center: Online Labs

Companion to Genetics: Principles and Analysis

Essential Genetics (Hartl & Jones) e-Learning Center (Glossary)

Classic Papers in Genetics    Electronic Manuscripts in Genetics    Classic Texts


Encyclopedia of Genetics    Encyclopedia of Life Sciences    Encyclopedia of Medical Genomics & Proteomics


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