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Additional Resources for Music Studies

I found the following books useful as a student during the OU Music Courses:

The AB Guide to Music Theory (Part II). Eric Taylor. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Publishing) Limited. London, 1996. 5.95  (ISBN 1-85472-447-9)

Music Theory in Practice (Grades 1 to 8). Peter Aston & Julian Webb. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, 1993. 3.95 to 6.95  (Grade 8: ISBN 1-85472-593-9)

Introducing Music. Otto Karolyi. Penguin, London, 1991. 6.99  (ISBN 0-14-013520-0)

Introducing Modern Music. Otto Karolyi. Penguin, London, 1995. 9.99  (ISBN 0-14-013114-0)

The Harvard Dictionary of Music. Willi Apel. Heinemann, London, 1964  (1997 edition is now available)

The Dynamics of Harmony. George Pratt. OUP, Oxford, 1997. 13.99  (ISBN 0-19-879020-1)

The Form of Music. William Cole. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (published by OUP), London, 1986. 9.95  (No ISBN in the book!)

The Texture of Music. From Purcell to Brahms (The Student's Music Library). Ivor Keys. Dennis Dobson Books, London, 1961. 4.95  (No ISBN in the book!)

The Art of Beethoven. Peter Dimond. Penerbit Muzical, Maleysia, 1996 (a comprehensive book on Beethoven and his music written by an OU tutor), 22.00

Nineteenth-Century Romanticism in Music. Rey M Longyear. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey. 1973 (ISBN 0-13-622647-7) (out of print, may be available in public libraries)

The History of Classical Music. Richard Fawkes. Naxos Audio Book (4 CDs), 1997. 14.99  (ISBN 962634140-8)

BBC Music Magazine's Music Course. A 24 part course being published in the magazine from Jan 1998 to Dec 1999 (back issues are available). An audio CD (9.95) accompanies the course and provides the musical examples (available from BBC Music Magazine; tel. 01483 26-8888)

Also recommendable for those into multimedia:  

The Hutchinson's Encyclopaedia of Music (CD-ROM). Helicon Publishing Ltd., 1996. About 35.00

Beethoven's 5th: A multimedia Experience (CD-ROM). Tring Int Plc, 1994. About 10.00  (ISBN 1-85817-073-7) (full analysis of the Fifth Symphony together with a complete performance + Beethoven's biography + Orchestra and instruments). Very useful and good value for money.

Microsoft Composers Collection (Beethoven - Ninth Symphony, Mozart - Dissonant Qurtet, Schubert - Trout Quartet) (CD-ROM), 1991. Varies between 40.00 and 90.00.

Museums and exhibitions:

Musical instruments section (40A, Level B) in V&A museum, London. All keyboard, string and wind instruments (even baryton) mentioned in the course books can be seen.

And my disappointments:

The Oxford Companion to Music

The Virtual School of Music (CD-ROM)

M.Tevfik Dorak

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