Much is said on Aspartame. Scientific verdict cannot be based on few anecdotal reports and what you read in chain e-mails. Below is the list of websites that are the strongest opponents of aspartame. However, look what science has to say about all artificial sweeteners at the most authoritative level:


National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet: Artificial Sweeteners

American Cancer Society Statement on Aspartame

British Medical Journal Editorial on Aspartame Safety (2004)

European Food Safety Authority: Opinion of the Scientific Panel AFC Related to a New Long-term Carcinogenicity Study on Aspartame (2006) & Related Comment by Abegaz EG (2007)


Please also see the NutraSweet website which lists scientific studies for their productís safety

If you are in doubt, donít use it and if you still need to use a sweetener, you may want to try Splenda which doesnít have the methanol connection

Danisco offers other alternative sweeteners too


Also think about whether there is anything wrong about sugar itself when used in moderation!

Even better, consider Fructose, the fruit sugar, with less glycemic index than regular sugar (sucrose). See Frusiana website


Links for claims against aspartame


But see these as well


* * *†† Nutrasweetís response: ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) (with scientific references)† * * *

* * * Aspartame Information Service * * *

* * * Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Announcement on Aspartame * * *

* * * Green Facts on Aspartame * * *



Chain e-mails do not establish facts. Only the scientific process does



Aspartame e-mails are not the only ones making rounds around the world

See a list of 'aspartame-related' and other hoax chain e-mails at Urban Legends

And, please do not ever circulate e-mails that tells you to do so. Use your own judgment.


M.Tevfik DORAK, MD, PhD