Essentials of Genetics

M.Tevfik DORAK

(4 Oct 99 - 13 Dec 99)

This course is an introduction to the essential concepts in classical and modern genetics. Principles of heredity, molecular genetics, and genetic basis of disease are covered. Disease genes, gene therapy, cancer genetics, and genetics of transplantation are some of the issues that will be discussed. The course will be enhanced with the use of multimedia and internet tools.


Basic concepts 1: Historical landmarks in genetics, and terminology

Basic concepts 2: Chromosomes

Basic concepts 3: Genes

Molecular genetics

Mendelian genetics

Medical genetics

Cancer genetics

Transplantation genetics

Gene therapy

Ethics and Genetics

* * *

Exploring Genetics

M.Tevfik DORAK

(10 Jan 00 - 13 March 00)

This course will continue to explore current issues and emerging topics as well as controversial subjects in genetics. Evolutionary genetics, human genome project, genetic engineering, biotechnology and ethical issues will be covered. Among the subjects that will be discussed are cloning, designer babies, genetic modifications and eugenics. Multimedia and internet tools will be used throughout the course.


Review of genetic concepts

Gene expression

Genetics of bacteria and virus

Plant genetics


Laboratory work

Genetic engineering

Evolutionary genetics

Population genetics

Bioethical controversies

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M.Tevfik Dorak