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Science Magazine - Breakthrough of the Year 2005: Evolution in Action  (PDF)

Misconceptions About Evolution: Berkeley, TalkOrigins and Wikipedia 


Notes on Elementary Evolutionary Biology   Glossary   Online Evolution/Biology Courses   Biology Online

PBS Evolution    BBC Bitesize: Evolution    BBC Nature    Evolution in Action  

 Evolutionary Biology Interactive Tutorial    Population Biology Simulations    Population Genetic Simulation Programs

Biology Animations, Movies and Tutorials: Evolution

The National Health Museum Evolution Teaching Activities

Understanding Evolution for Teachers 

Smithsonian's Paleobiology Website    Paleontology Portal 

PAST (Paleontological Statistics Software Package for Education and Data Analysis)  (Hammer, 2001)

 University of California Museum of Paleontology: Understanding Evolution

Evolutionary Biology Resources and more     European Society for Evolutionary Biology

The Talk.Origins Archive     Evidence for Evolution - Compilation    Evolution Happens

  Evolution vs Creationism    Intelligent Design (Natural History Magazine Article)

 Evolution Answers Questions that Creationism Can't    51 Evolution Myths (!)

Understanding Evolution     Harvard University: Evolution     Evolution Research News

 University of Arizona Phylogeny and Biodiversity Site  

 Oxford University Evolutionary Biology Group    Edinburgh University Institute of Evolutionary Biology

Natural History Museum (London)     American Museum of Natural History    Canadian Museum of Nature

  National Geographic   Scientific American   New Scientist   Science News   American Naturalist   Natural History

Tools for Population Genetic Analysis   Genetic Data Analysis Software   Arlequin  

PopGene   Genetix   Partition   GenePop   GeneStrut 

 PHYLIP Online   PHYLIP Download (PARS)

Phylogenetics Software     Phylogeny Programs     Nei Laboratory

Common Concepts in Statistics     Statistics Glossary     Basic Population Genetics

Astrobiology: The Origin and Distribution of Life in the Universe

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: DNA Learning Center    Online Biology Textbook    Modern Genetic Analysis Online

Molecular Population Genetics and Evolution, Nei 1975 (full-text)

Essentials of Genetics    Mendel Website    Wallace Website

Cladistics Journal   Trends in Ecology & Evolution   Mol Phylogenet Evol   J Mol Evol   Evolution

Journal of Systematic Palaeontology   Palaeontology

Nature Genome Gateway   Science Genetics Collection   New Scientist Special Reports: Evolution

Open University (UK) Evolution Course [S366]

Biodiversity and Ecology     Kew Gardens (London)

 Links to Genetics World    Virtual Library: Biosciences  (Genetics)


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Richard Dawkins     Stephen Jay Gould


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