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M. Tevfik DORAK


Introduction to Public Health {PPT}

Epidemiologic Study Designs {PPT}  

Bias and Confounding in Epidemiology   (PPT)

Principles of Infectious Disease Epidemiology {PPT}

Genetic Epidemiology & Glossary   (PPT)

Pitfalls in Genetic Association Studies {PPT}

Statistical Analysis of Genetic Association Studies   (PPT)

Childhood Cancer Epidemiology

Gender Effect in Childhood Cancer

Childhood Leukaemia Epidemiology

MHC and Leukaemia   (PPT)

Glossaries:  Biostatistics   Genetics   Genetic Epidemiology  


Internet Links:

Extensive Epidemiology and Biostatistics Links 


Online Epidemiology Textbook (BMJ)   Basic Epidemiolo​gy (WHO)   Workshop Report (2012): Epidemiology, Risk & Causation

CDC Publications    Human Genome Epidemiology Online Book (CDC, 2004) & 2nd Ed: 2010

AFMC Primer on Population Health

Bandolier Guides    The B-Files (Real-life Bias Case Studies)

Online Courses

Coursera: Principles of Public Health (Z. Bic, UC Irvine)

EDx courses

John Hopkins SPH Open Public Health Courses & Materials  

Open University OpenLearn: Public Health

Epidemiology & BioStatistics Super Lectures

SCIENCE: Disease Prevention Issue

 WWW Virtual Library: Epidemiology

 Open Epi - Epidemiologic Calculators & Epi Info



Mehmet Tevfik Dorak, M.D., Ph.D.



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